Wiwik Susanthi Salim

I am more at NFC because innovation drives progress.

Belonging to a company like NFC offers me the assurance that my well-being is always taken care of. I was able to take Study Leave while pursuing my Diploma, which allowed me more time for focused study as well as for assignments. NFC also offers extra time for me to do the things I enjoy through another type of special leave, Well-Being Leave.

This innovative approach to staff welfare extends into operational areas as well. With the current pandemic situation, NFC has actively harnessed technology to engage staff. Examples include introducing Gnowbe, a mobile learning application that allows for learning on the go, and well-being sessions conducted via Zoom to ensure that staff engagement is not affected by the new norm.

This spirit of innovation provides many learning opportunities for both children and adults. It allows us to plan for exploration and build experiences as we encourage creativity in the children’s thinking processes. It also helps to foster relationships with families as we partner them in their children’s learning.