Shamiah Abd Razak Bafadha

I am more at NFC because my growth is supported through progressive ideas.

As a Speech and Language Therapist at NFC, I have received unstinting support in the development of my professional skills. The company gives me the autonomy to manage my own cases according to their specific circumstances, and this flexibility is very helpful in the kind of work I do. I use my expertise to facilitate children’s learning at My First Skool beyond standard intervention programmes. I support children in their capacity to communicate and connect with others in order to achieve their potential. Improving a child’s ability to express himself or comprehend others, positively impacts his quality of life, and is a deeply rewarding process for me.

Innovation is the ability to move with the times and is therefore essential for any endeavour that aims to last. NFC has always led the way in the arena, and its new in-house therapy team (of which I am a part of) is a forward-looking endeavour that raises awareness of our expertise in providing learning intervention to children with learning and developmental needs. Being a part of this effort has allowed me to move from a clinical hospital setting to better serve children in the community. It has been a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

One of my more memorable cases at NFC involved a child who had been flagged by her teachers for unclear speech and behavioural issues. After a considerable time of rapport-building, the child started to open up and showed enjoyment in her speech therapy sessions. We worked on her speech goals and she made quick progress. She developed an entirely different personality and became loud and confident, interacting easily and freely with her classmates, and even took on leadership roles in school.

Her parents were very grateful for the change in their daughter and were quite amazed at the exceptional skills of their child’s ‘teacher’ in facilitating this change. I happily explained that therapy only succeeded because we explicitly targeted the child’s speech issues. Therapy is about customising learning to meet each individual’s needs so that the root of the problem is addressed.