Serene Ong

I am more at NFC because I am empowered with knowledge.

My journey with NFC began when I joined the company as a fresh graduate. Over the years, NFC has afforded me an extremely well-rounded and in-depth learning experience that has made me the effective early childhood educator that I am today.

NFC believes in providing staff with a wide variety of professional training courses. These training sessions keep me on track with my education practices, and have also allowed me to pick up new skills and acquire new knowledge. Curriculum training has equipped me with skills on strategic planning and how to implement meaningful age-appropriate activities. A specialised course on art helped me to understand techniques and learn about extending art into lessons in order to provide holistic learning for the children.

A teacher’s work is constantly evolving and NFC empowers us with the best training opportunities to ensure that our efforts in the classroom are relevant and effective.