Michelle Phua

I am more at NFC because my creativity is valued.

Innovation is an important component of today’s rapidly-changing world. We need to constantly seek out new ways to approach situations, and this is even more so in our industry. Children are naturally innovative and full of imagination. They explore ways to attempt tasks and are not afraid of doing things unconventionally. As educators, this motivates us to think out of the box and provide children with even more opportunities and avenues to enrich their learning experiences. All of this wouldn’t be possible without creative thinking and being innovative.

NFC has always been a leader in innovation and I am fortunate to experience various initiatives with the company. The Inter-generation Programme with NTUC Health – Senior Day Care fosters care and empathy in our children through interaction and activities. NFC’s Relationship-Based Curriculum is another innovative effort that has benefited children aged 0 to 3 years to become confident active learners. Being a part of these programmes has really enriched my role as an early childhood professional.