Melissa Goh

I am more at NFC because there is always room for new ideas.

I am more at NFC because my professional growth never stops. NFC maintains a high level of engagement and empowerment of its staff. That has been the main factor of my growth with the company.

Throughout my journey with NFC, I have been given the opportunity to grow professionally. I have been able to pursue ECCE qualifications from Diploma right up to Masters’ level; I have been mentored and supported through the ranks, first as a teacher then moving on to becoming a principal, a specialist, and now an Acting Assistant Director of Professional Development. More recently, I have been appointed as an ECDA Fellow, and this highest distinction is an achievement made possible through support from NFC.

NFC has also encouraged my pedagogical growth. I had the opportunity of getting my IB certification while leading a centre to go through the IB programme. I was also part of The Little Skool-House’s brand crystallisation journey, an experience that taught me to understand curriculum from a bigger picture, giving me deeper insights and knowledge into ECCE from a corporate angle.