Meera Krishnan

I am more at NFC because it supports my heart of service.

NFC has provided me with a wonderful arena to connect with the community and serve them. This enriches my professional skills through vital ground experience while allowing me to work with management teams and external partners. Being with NFC has been an exciting journey for me, starting with very challenging centres that gave me excellent areas for learning. These challenges have built my confidence as a Child Enabling Executive (CEE) to face realities that impact our society and empower one to navigate through them. Children are the focus and my work revolves around their development, safety and well-being. I act as a catalyst to bridge partnerships between centres, families, external and internal stakeholders to deliver positive outcomes in the lives of children and their families.

Let me share about a particularly memorable case I worked on: the child had inconsistent attendance, exhibited a gloomy disposition and was not socialising with her peers. Coming from a single-parent household with a mother who was struggling financially and emotionally further compounded the issue. By working together with the child’s teachers, I was able to identify the child’s learning disabilities and effect the correct developmental support to help her. As a result of these efforts, the child adjusted well and looked forward to going to school every day. This change in the child’s behaviour and routine also enabled the mother to secure stable employment, thereby further improving the family’s circumstances.

As a CEE at NFC, I have been fortunate to attend a wide variety of training opportunities in areas such as mentoring, social work supervision, risk assessment, and child development stages. These topics are important to my work and contribute to my professional growth, complementing my work in the field.