Liao Sulian

I am more at NFC because I am recognised for the work I do.

It all started out with my love for children. Being in this industry for over 7 years, I have learned the importance of patience and how it impacts young children. Patience is the key to winning the children’s trust and that makes them happy and eager to learn.

Over the years, my professional knowledge has expanded because of the trainings NFC has provided me on how to improve my quality of teaching. This is supported with group sharing and exchanges with my centre colleagues.

NFC not only believes in providing staff with a wide variety of professional training courses, but also encourages innovation and creativity when we develop teaching methods for the different children’s learning abilities and differences. In 2021, I was presented the ‘Outstanding Preschool Mother Tongue Teacher Award’ for a teaching plan I developed called ‘It’s Raining’. With the support and encouragement from my colleagues and love for children, I will continue to do my best in my role.