Genevieve Tan

I am more at NFC because there is always room for new ideas.

As someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, I appreciate the special leave that we enjoy as NFC staff. Well-Being Leave, Singles Leave and Family Care Leave give me more time to explore my personal interests while helping me to balance work and family commitments. There has also been an increase in well-being programmes offered by the company, such as virtual workout classes on weekday evenings, which I enjoy.

Leading by example, online meetings and staff events have been the way NFC has adapted to changing needs due to Covid-19. At centre level, my team introduced new ways of engaging our children and parents when physical meetings were no longer possible. We implemented a Telegram channel to keep the KidSTART families engaged through bite-sized information on topics such as health and nutrition as well as self-care tips.

I am proud to be part of a company that stresses the importance of innovation. Being innovative allows us to stay relevant in a competitive market while giving us the ability to resolve critical problems quickly and accurately.