Eileen Chia

I am more at NFC because I can inspire through creativity.

NFC has always been open to inputs from teachers in responding to challenges. This was evident during the global pandemic when my team and I explored ways of keeping children’s learning dynamic. For example, while inquiring into a unit about homes, not being able to go on field trips the traditional way didn’t stop us from our plans; we went on a virtual field trip to a friend’s home, which ended up being an interesting experience for both the children and the host family.

For graduation, we marked this milestone through a hybrid of virtual and physical elements that still retained the unique essence of the event. The idea of sending home a set of children’s graduation gowns and mortar boards while connecting with everyone online was innovative and well-received as grandparents and relatives residing overseas could also join us in commemorating the moment.

As pre-school educators, engaging in innovation serves as a model for young children to be aware of current events and how we can problem solve and respond in appropriate and creative ways.