I am more at NFC because I discover new things every day.

NFC understands that a happy staff is a loyal staff. Balancing family and work life is made possible through special leave benefits Family Care Leave and Well-Being Leave.

Against such a backdrop, it is therefore not surprising that my team and I are always ready to be involved in new projects. It is exciting to be part of an organisation that constantly updates practices and finds innovative ways to enrich our work experiences such as Skoolnet and Qoqolo. It allows us to be creative and bring about new initiatives, which we know are encouraged and valued. This supportive environment makes us approach each day at work eagerly and joyfully.

I have been involved in an innovative programme called ‘Singapore Little Treasures’, which allows children to learn about the different cultures in Singapore through virtual trips to the museum. Harnessing technology to enhance children’s learning is a fine example of how NFC encourages innovative teaching methods at our centres.