Diana Phua

I am more at NFC because new initiatives are eagerly embraced.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of always being prepared for the unexpected. I am particularly proud of how NFC has implemented a hybrid work model where HQ staff can work flexibly from home and the office during this period. The company also redesigned the workspace in the office to include additional meeting rooms and new pods to provide conducive spaces for online calls and collaborations, if required. I am appreciative of the efforts that NFC has put in to keep us safe.

With the support of a company that emphasises innovation, my team and I have been agile in finding the best ways to connect with families and children during the pandemic. This comes from being adaptable, knowing how to introduce new ways of doing things in order to meet the same goals. It comes from being surrounded by continuous learning opportunities, of having benefited from professional training and sharing sessions that involve colleagues from different professions. The exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences, current practices, as well as case studies, add to my knowledge of intervention and make me a better professional.