Cheryl Wong

I am more at NFC because I can lead the way.

NFC is always supportive of innovation and encourages staff to explore ways to improve teaching methods. I have been able to bring innovation to NFC by creating useful learning materials to support children in independent learning and reinforcing their learning at home. I have also harnessed technology in the use of interactive apps and online resource sharing to enhance the learning experience. As a result of this, we were able to successfully adopt home-based learning when the pandemic struck to ensure that children’s education was not affected. This seamless transition is something that we are all really proud of.

NFC has also been innovative on an organisational level and has embarked on mobile learning for staff. This is in addition to professional development courses, and makes learning much more accessible and easier for us to understand.

The company’s focus on innovation gels with my own personal objectives and therefore fuels growth. It is truly a rewarding experience.