Cecilia Wong

I am more at NFC because I am at the forefront of trailblazing efforts.

In my current role at NFC, I am closely involved in the partnership between NFC and the Singapore University of Social Sciences to offer their students a Minor in Early Childhood Education Leadership. This work-study programme is the first of its kind in the Singapore Early Childhood sector and I am proud to be part of its development. We have had to be creative and innovative in designing the programme, to tailor it to a constantly changing environment while exploring new ways of learning for our future leaders

Besides being a giant on the innovation front, NFC also emphasises the importance of staff health and has created unique programmes to support this focus. One such example is an app that allows us to attend webinars on non-work related content from the comfort of our homes. On top of that, NFC extends special leave to staff. Family Care Leave is particularly helpful to me because I have aging parents and this leave allows me to take time off to care for their needs. NFC’s efforts to support our well-being are truly exemplary and make us better workers.