My First Skool goes on Air!

April 27, 2016

A new Channel 8 drama, My First School, offers a peek into the life of a pre-school educator

In every child’s early education journey, pre-school teachers play an important role when it comes to building the foundation for young learners and preparing them well for formal education (primary school). You may be curious if the profession of a pre-school teacher is similar to that of a primary school teacher. Well this drama would be an eye-opener. Through this drama, you get a peek into the life of a pre-school educator – the challenges pre-school teachers face, the demands of the profession and how one can overcome the challenges. The drama will also debunks myths and dispel stereotypes on the pre-school profession. For young graduates who are keen to know more about this profession, be inspired as you watch this drama and witness how pre-school teachers touch young lives in their everyday work.

Jointly presented by NTUC First Campus (NFC) and Lien Foundation, this drama was mostly filmed at My First Skool (MFS) at Blk 269 Compassvale Link over a period of two months. Against the backdrop of an authentic pre-school environment, young child artistes in new MFS uniforms are what made up lively and vibrant classroom scenes spotted in the drama. Throughout the filming, to ensure that the classroom scenes in the drama reflect professional real-life pre-school teaching practices, we received strong support from our colleagues from NFC’s Professional Practices and Development Department (PPD) and the Child Support Services Department (CSS) who were there to offer their guidance and expertise. The centre staff including the Principal and teachers were also there to assist with the filming requests. The filming would not have gone on so smoothly without them! So, do show your support and stay tuned to this drama!

Starring: Julie Tan, Chen Li Ping, Aloysius Pang, Xiang Yun, Chew Chor Meng and Zhang Yaodong, this drama made its debut on 12 April, Tuesday and the episodes are currently running on MediaCorp Channel 8, every Tuesday at 8pm.

For those who missed the episodes, you may view it here on Toggle.

Some ‘behind-the-scenes’ photos:

The Filming:  The production started early December last year and it almost took two months to complete.

The disciplined students: The class was conducted just like any other pre-school class to keep it realistic.

It’s a wrap: MediaCorp child actresses and artistes go “hip hip hurray” for their successful filming wrap-up.

Teachers: Thanks to our MediaCorp actresses who portrayed pre-school teachers realistically.

Written By:
Razeen Banu
NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited