About Social Support

As the proverb states, it takes a village to raise a child. At NFC, a vital part of our efforts is to provide social support to vulnerable families. Through the social support, we seek to provide a conducive home environment for children from vulnerable families.

Our Child Enabling Executives (CEEs) are the catalyst for social support in selected My First Skool (MFS) centres.  Building relationships with the children, their parents and the community, our CEEs encourage families to bring their children to school regularly, observing the children’s well-being and conducting house visits to provide help to families when necessary.

Parent Engagement

Keeping a close eye on children’s learning at the centre, the CEEs provide updates on the children’s development to their families. To further equip parents with parenting skills and strategies, the CEEs would also encourage parents to participate in events and workshops conducted in the centre.

Community Partnership

Working closely with external social agencies such as the Social Service Offices, Community Development Councils and Family Service Centres, the CEEs bring community resources to assist families in need. This assistance goes beyond financial assistance, and is inclusive of lodging and vouchers for necessities.

Social Support Feature Video

A Word from Our Beneficiaries

“I just want to say thank you for all the help that the Child Enabling Executive have given for my two sons and I, even up till now. She would always try to explain things clearly and have also assisted me to fill in the subsidy application forms which I would otherwise not know how to fill up. Without her help, the high school fees for both my children would be a financial burden to me.

Her constant encouragement has motivate me to send my children to school regularly. I noticed that my two sons have gained more knowledge and their English language has improved. Once again, thank you so much for all the help given to us.”

Mdm Michelle

Mother of two My First Skool children

“I am really grateful to the Child Enabling Executive (CEE) for lending me a listening ear when I was going through a tough time. I’m also very thankful for the milk powder and vouchers he had given to my family when he knew I was struggling financially. Without his assistance, I wouldn’t know how my family could have pulled through the rough patch.

After sending my daughter to school regularly, she is now able to interact well with people and I am so proud of her. I know that this wouldn’t be possible without the support from the CEE and the school. Thank you so much.”

Mdm Marlina

Mother of a My First Skool child