About Learning Support

The NFC curriculum is a high-quality programme which taps on children’s natural curiosity, encouraging exploration and discovery, and creating a love for learning in them. Specialised learning support programmes provide assistance to children who requires additional attention in learning. Research has shown that these programmes can help children with learning needs to build a strong foundation for primary school, and have a positive impact on their lives.

At NFC, our learning support programmes are classified into 3-tiers, offering targeted support according to the specific learning needs of each child. The programmes are age-appropriate and conducted by trained educators and professionals.


  • Tier 1 support: Classroom Co-Facilitators (CCFs) support Nursery to K2 children to learn at their individual paces during small-group learning activities. Having a CCF enables children with behavioural challenges to participate in classroom activities.
  • Tier 2 support: Small group language and literacy intervention programmes are carried out for K1 and K2 children who are weak in English language and literacy.
  • Tier 3 support: One-to-one intervention is extended to K1 and K2 children who have mild developmental needs. Therapists provide speech & language therapy, occupational therapy and psychology assistance to children with needs, while Learning Support Educators concentrate on providing literacy, language, social skills and handwriting support.


Learning Support Feature Video

A Word from Our Beneficiaries

“For the past few months, Airil and Akif have improved in their reading and handwriting. Airil now have the confidence of reading a book on his own and has even learnt the spelling of some words. I have seen improvement in Akif too. Akif likes writing now and has begun to practise his handwriting. 

Thank you to the Classroom Co-Facilitator for giving the extra support to their learning in class.”

Mdm Amalina

Mother of two My First Skool children

“I wish to extend my gratitude to the Learning Support Educator who has provided one-to-one intervention to my sons. They have truly blossomed over the past few months and have never seized to impress me with their newly learnt words. They are always eager to attend her class and have built a good relationship with her.

I am thankful for her contributions in giving both Dylan & Lucas an enjoyable learning experience.”

Mrs Foo

Mother of two My First Skool children