What Makes Us Different

NTUC First Campus was conceived in 1977, with the mission of providing every child in Singapore with a head start in life – a quality education, regardless of their family’s social/economic status or financial situation.

In 1992, we were incorporated as a co-operative, NTUC Childcare Co-operative Limited. More recently in 2009, a rebranding gave us our current name, NTUC First Campus, while NTUC Childcare Centres were renamed “My First Skool”.

This is how we have been developed, and how we will continue to grow as an organisation.

Our focus has always been, and will always be on children, education and developing our nation’s next generation. This is what makes us different.

We are a Social Enterprise

As a social enterprise, maximising profits is not an objective. We are on a social mission – to ensure that every child, regardless of family background or financial circumstance, is given access to quality pre-school education.

We take care of pre-school children, so parents (especially mothers) can return to their jobs with peace of mind that their children are taken care of. In fact, this was one of our main objectives in the 70s and 80s – to boost the female population in the labour market.

We are the Pioneers

NTUC First Campus is the pioneer anchor operator in the early childhood care and education sector, playing an important role in achieving the government’s goal of expanding the number of childcare centres in Singapore, while maintaining high quality standards, at reasonable fees.

We Set the Stage

Our organisation has set numerous milestones in the industry. This includes being the first to set up a training institution for early childhood educators and coming up with a proper curriculum framework for infants and toddlers. Following our success and rapid growth, we became the first operator to open over 100 childcare centres in Singapore.

We have a Strong Network

Our network of childcare centres and teachers reaches far and wide. Because of this expansive network, our teachers are able to tap into a large community of fellow teachers and mentors. This gives them unrivalled access to industry best practices, improving their skills and knowledge as educators and people.