Chinese New Year Zodiac Crafts Guide

February 01, 2019

Get crafting with your little one(s) with these cute zodiac-themed crafts. By using crafts, spark their joy in learning Mandarin by telling them more about Chinese New Year traditions and customs.

Here are some tips on how to spark their interest:

  • During the Hong Pao Pig craft activity, narrate to them the story of “12 Chinese Zodiac Animals” and let them know that the coming year is the “Year of The Pig”.
  • While doing the Dragon Prop craft, recount how the Chinese believe that performing the dragon dance during festive occasions ushers in good luck and good fortune.

Hong Pao Pig Craft Activity (红包小猪):

  • 23 Red Packets
  • Red Paper
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Craft Glue
  • Googly Eyes
  • Scissors
  • 23 红包封
  • 红色纸
  • 双面胶纸
  • 万能胶水
  • 活动眼睛
  • 剪刀
Steps (步骤):

1.  Fold a red packet into half.

2. Mark 2-cm from the edge of both sides with a dot before connecting it with the upper two corners. After that,
     fold inward along the line. Repeat the step for another 11 more red packets.


3. Use a stapler to staple six folded red packets side-by-side.

4. Use a stapler to staple the six folded red packets into a circle. Do the same for the other six folded red packets. You will have two circles.

5. Cut out the measurements on the red paper as shown in the picture, before inserting it into a red packet. Repeat
     the same step for 6 red packets.


6. Connect the six red packets with scotch tape to form a circle.

7. Insert the front and back of the circle into the two circles made in step 4 and glue them together.

8. Use a red paper to cut a circle that corresponds to the size of the two circles and paste it on it. Then use black
     paper to cut out two small circles to make the pig’s nose.


9. Cut out a heart shape with the red paper, cut a notch underneath and glue the gap to form a concave shape to
     make the pig’s ear. After gluing the ears, affix the googly eyes in front of the ears.


10. Tear a strip of red packet before curling it with a pen to make the pig’s tail curl. Then, stick it on the round red
       paper at the back of the pig’s body.


11. Roll 4 red packets into cylinders and fold the centre to make the pig’s legs. Use glue to affix the legs to the rest
      of the pig’s body.


12. The red packet pig is completed.


Dragon Prop Craft Activity (舞龙道具)

  • Rectangular Boxes
  • Coloured Paper
  • White Paper
  • Googly Eyes
  • Marker
  • All Purpose Glue
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Scissors
  • Penknife
  • 1 Pair Of Disposable Chopsticks
  • 长方形纸盒
  • 彩色纸
  • 白纸
  • 活动眼睛
  • 马克笔
  • 固体胶
  • 双面胶
  • 剪刀
  • 美工刀
  • 一次性筷子
Steps (步骤):

1. Wrap the rectangular boxes in red paper.

2. Use a penknife to cut on opposite sides of the red boxes.

3. Align the cut points and glue a piece of white paper.

4. Cut a zigzag shape starting from the middle section of the white portion. This forms the teeth.

5. Cut out a semi heart-shaped red paper with a rectangle below. Stick the googly eyes on it and then stick it on the
     red box that is on top. Next, draw 2 black circles as nostrils.


6. Use orange, red and yellow paper to cut out the ears in large, medium and small sizes, then glue them together.
     After which, glue the dragon’s ears on both sides of the head.


7. Cut the colored paper into 3-cm wide strips and fold the paper into a long strip in an overlapping manner.

8. Use red, orange and yellow paper to cut the dragon’s tail in small, medium and large sizes (as shown above).
    Glue them together and punch a hole in the lower part to form the tail.


9. Glue the body and tail together.

10. Glue the disposable chopsticks under the dragon’s head and the tail of the dragon. Your DIY dragon is now