3 Christmas Crafts To Do With Your Children

December 12, 2018

Find out how to make these beautiful Christmas crafts and develop your little ones’ interest in the Chinese language by doing Christmas crafts activities together with them.

DIY Christmas Tree (圣诞树)

  • 8 to 10 Green Paper Cups
  • 1 Mineral Water Bottle
  • Buttons
  • Multicoloured Pom-Poms
  • Ribbon
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • White Craft Glue
  • Scissors
  • 绿色纸杯 (8 – 10 个)
  • 矿泉水瓶 (1 个)
  • 纽扣
  • 彩色绒毛球
  • 彩带
  • 双面胶带
  • 白胶
  • 剪刀
Steps (步骤):

1. Snip off the bottom of each cup, then slit the cups open.

2. Paste the double-sided tape near the bottom of the cup body, covering the entire length. From the mouth of the cup, cut towards the bottom until you are almost at the double-sided tape, making strips about 2cm wide across the body. On one of the cut-out cup bottoms, carve out the shape of a star.

3. After cutting strips on all the cups, peel off the top of the double-sided tape and adhere a cup onto the bottom of the mineral water bottle. Work upwards with each cup until the lid of the bottle is covered (see second picture).


4. Decorate the Christmas tree by gluing buttons and multicoloured pom-poms on the strips.

5. Using craft glue, attach the cup bottom with the carved-out star on the top of the Christmas tree. Wrap the ribbon around the tree and ta-da! Your Christmas tree is completed!

DIY Christmas Card (圣诞卡)
  • 1 A3 Size Green Paper
  • 1 A4 Size Red Paper
  • 1 A5 Size Brown Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Dot Stickers
  • A3 绿色纸一张
  • A4 红色纸一张
  • A5 褐色纸一张
  • 胶棒
  • 剪刀
  • 圆形小贴纸
Steps (步骤):

1. Placing the green sheet of paper horizontally, mark the 10-cm, 20-cm and 30-cm points on the paper, then cut it into four pieces.
    将绿色纸横放,并分别在 10、 20、30 厘处剪开,剪成 4 小张。

2. With the short end of one green piece of paper facing you, do an accordion fold (“zigzag style”) by repeatedly making forward and backward 1-cm folds for the entire piece of paper. Repeat for the other three pieces.
将其中一张竖向摆放,在一厘米处向前折,然 后向后折,反复折叠直到全部折完。其余三张 也以同样的方式折叠。

3. Folding the “accordion papers” into halves. Glue the middles of each paper together to turn each piece into an oriental fan (Refer to second picture).

分别将 4 个折好的纸张对折,并在中间涂上胶水粘 贴成扇形。

4. Fold the red sheet of paper in half width wise. Putting glue on the two outermost sides of the fan, attach each fan to the centre of the red paper. Leave a gap of 5cm between each fan.
将红色纸对折,在扇子的两边分别 涂上胶水,然后沿着红色纸的中心粘 贴,每个绿色扇子之间留约 5 厘米间隙。

5. Close the red paper to firmly affix the fans.

6. Fold the brown paper back and forth, just like the green pieces of paper. Open up the red paper and attach the brown paper to make the tree trunk.

7. Paste the multicoloured dot stickers all over the red card. Here, your pop-up Christmas card is done!

DIY Snowman (雪人)

  • 1 Ice-Cream Stick
  • 3 Cotton Balls
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Craft Pipe Cleaners
  • Googly Eyes
  • Felt Fabric (Red, Black)
  • Super Glue
  • 冰棍棒一支
  • 棉花球三粒
  • 剪刀
  • 彩带
  • 毛根
  • 活动眼睛
  • 法兰绒布(黑色、红色)
  • 强力胶水
Steps (步骤):

1. Attach the cotton balls to the ice cream stick with the super glue.

2. Cut out a hat and buttons from the black felt. Cut out the shape of a mouth from the red felt.

3. Using super glue, stick the hat, googly eyes, mouth and buttons onto the three cotton balls.

4. Snip off a small piece of the pink pipe cleaner and two small pieces from the purple pipe cleaner.

5. The pink pipe cleaner is glued above the snowman’s mouth to make its nose. The two purple pipe cleaners are attached to its side as the arms. Wrap the ribbon around the area where the head meets the body of the snowman.
将粉色毛根粘在嘴巴上方做雪人的鼻子。紫色毛根粘在身体两侧,做雪人的手臂。 再将彩带围在雪人头部与身体接连的地方。

6. Your adorable snowman is ready to welcome Christmas with you!