Why does my child want to play with the same toy over and over again?

Studies suggest that it can be highly beneficial for children to play with the same group of toys over and over again—as long as they are interested. So, for example, if your child always plays with the same pots and food within the play kitchen, this is fine.

Children are actually really good at knowing what helps them learn. They’ll let us know when they are bored and when to move on to something new.

The reason why your child plays with the same toy over and over again could be because, your child has gained mastery over the toy, and enjoys it.”Again, Again!” This is especially so for Toddlers.

Children at this age enjoy repeating some activities over and over. This can be especially true if it is a new or fun skill that they have learned. They might insist on looking at the same book, playing with the same toy, or engaging in the same social game over and over.

Repeating certain actions may give your child a sense of security and predictability about their environment. They will certainly let you know if things aren’t the way they like it! The good news is that repetitive behaviors should begin to decrease around age 3-4 years. As always, talk to your pediatrician if you have concerns about your child’s repetitive behaviors.

Contributed By:

Ruth Chia
Curriculum and Programme Manager
NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited