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Learning and Development Support

Thank you for helping me to learn!

One of the fundamental beliefs of NTUC First Campus (NFC) is that no child should be left behind in their learning journey.

When children are identified with learning or development needs, early intervention efforts are carried out to level them with their peers. NFC offers a variety of support programmes to meet the different needs of the children at our centres, particularly those that come from low-income families.

Our Key Programmes for

Learning & Development Support

Read-to-REACH (RTR)

A small-group early intervention programme on English literacy. Children who require additional language and literacy support are identified in K1 and given specific support in their learning.

Classroom Support Programme (CSP)

Provides additional in-class support for Nursery to K2 children with mild learning needs. Small group activities are conducted to reinforce effective learning in the classroom and prepare children for their upcoming primary school journey.

Focused Language Assistance in Reading (FLAiR) Programme

An initiative that provides focused assistance to K2 children who have problems with the English language.

Inclusive Support Programme (InSP)

Created by the Early Childhood Development Agency and carried out by preschool centres, the Inclusive Support Programme ensures in-school support for children requiring medium levels of early intervention support during their preschool years.

Through the Read-to-REACH programme, my child has shown an improvement in his English. He now knows how to read words and is more confident when speaking English in school and at home. I am very thankful for the help given to my child in this programme.

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Building close relationshos with children and parents and providing a listening ear to them

Learning and Development

Offering targeted learning support through our intervention programmes

Health and Wellbeing

Providing families with proper and balanced nutrition, and way to deal with mental stress