Doing Good beyond the Office – Packing the Priceless

November 20, 2018

On a daily basis, Hor Fong Lin is occupied with her hectic schedule of work and duties as NTUC First Campus’ Chief Financial Officer. In the midst of all these, she finds the time to join in the organisation’s volunteer initiatives.

NTUC First Campus’ Chief Financial Officer Hor Fong Lin (left) packing goodies into one of the school bags meant for low-income families as part of the BHF school bag project

“Volunteering my time is a simple but meaningful way to give back to the community.”

This is something that I have always firmly believed in. When possible, I would try to take time out of my schedule to do voluntary work. Before joining NTUC First Campus in October 2012, I was a volunteer at Beyond Social Services and the Giving Back to Society programme with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Singapore.

Upon joining NFC as its Chief Financial Officer, my packed schedule left me no time to continue my weekly volunteering work, bringing it to a halt in 2013. It was only one year later when my work became more stable and manageable that I started to look for volunteering opportunities to help the community again. That was when I participated in the first Family and School Together (FAST) event in 2014. Since then, I have taken part in a total of five FAST events.

Organised by NFC, FAST events aim to promote family bonding with children and their families that receive financial support through NFC’s Bright Horizons Fund (BHF). It is also an opportunity for families with financial difficulties to visit attractions with the help of some financial support.

Together with colleagues from different departments, centres and functions, us volunteers would be assigned roles such as packers, ushers and guides to the children and their families. During the FAST events, I would get to know other volunteering colleagues better and be able to bond with them as friends.

For me, I really enjoy interacting with the children and families at such events as it provides an opportunity for the family members to bond with each other. It is priceless seeing the happy children and families enjoying the outing together.

Coming from a low-income family background myself, I can understand how difficult it is for low-income families to have a day out to paid attractions. It can easily be a very costly affair for a family of four or more. As such, I can empathise and understand how the families and children invited for these events feel.

Working at the corporate office, I do not get to interact with families and children on a daily basis. Being a part of such events helps me stay in touch with the people we are serving and helps me focus on our mission of partnering families, enabling every child to have a good start in life.

Participating in the FAST events has given me an opportunity to continue my volunteering work while juggling my tight schedule. At the same time, it helps reinforce in me the purpose of my work at NFC, which is to partner families and fulfil the promise and potential of every child.

I believe that no child should be deprived of a quality pre-school education due to financial circumstances. The Bright Horizons Fund provides financial support to enable children from low-income families to benefit from early childhood programmes and positive pre-school experiences. You too can play a part in enriching the lives of children by contributing to the BHF here.