Behavioural Traits of Toddlers

Query from a parent: My 4-year-old daughter is talkative at home, at times even overbearing towards her two younger siblings. But we’ve noticed that she’s much quieter at school, which surprises us. She doesn’t seem to enjoy the company of her peers and is reluctant to take part in activities. What could be the reason for the different personalities displayed?

Your daughter may be an observer in school and prefers to watch her peers in action rather than taking part. It would be ideal to speak with her and find out if there are any issues she may be facing in school. Alternatively, you may wish to speak with the class teachers on her classroom behaviour and her relationship with others. Positive encouragement is a great way to motivate her in participating in school activities.  You may also wish to volunteer to conduct one class activity in getting to assess her behaviour in school. The reason for her different behaviour could be due to her comfort level around her peers and teachers. It would be good if the class teachers can create opportunities for each child to take turns to be the leader during different class activities. Keep your daily communication on-going so as to understand your child’s emotions and feelings towards school.