23 Jul 2010, Friday

Media Release

Over 1,000 Pre-school Educators will Benefit from Multi-track Career Path
NTUC First Campus’ Career Theme Park Framework Realises Full Potential of Pre-school Educators
1. NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited (NTUC First Campus) officially launched its Career Theme Park multi-track career framework with its over 1,600 staff today, aptly held at the Universal Studios Singapore Theme Park; and announced its latest cohort of pre-school educators who made their mark on multi-track career paths, including NTUC First Campus' first Mentor Teacher, a first-of-its-kind position in the early childhood care and education (ECCE) industry. NTUC First Campus' Chief Executive Officer Chan Tee Seng also shared the results of the organisation's recent employee survey with all employees at the staff engagement event.
Multi-track Career Path Epitomises NTUC First Campus' People-Focused Value
2. The three career tracks that NTUC First Campus pre-school educators can embark on are the teaching, leadership, and curriculum paths. Two new positions, Mentor Teacher and Senior Principal, are created in the teaching and leadership paths respectively; NTUC First Campus is the first in the industry to introduce such a scheme.
3. Mentor Teachers are positive role models who are strong in teaching and possess the aptitude to impart their knowledge and experience to younger teachers by providing feedback and coaching them on lesson delivery and children management. Mentor Teachers also have the opportunity to assist in the setup of centres and evaluate overall learning programmes.
4. Ms Michelle Thomas, 28, from The Caterpillar's Cove, was promoted to be NTUC First Campus' first Mentor Teacher. Started her career as an English Teacher in 2002, Michelle's last position was a Senior English Teacher. Delighted with her new position, Michelle said, "My passion lies in teaching and sharing of my experiences. I thought that a Senior Teacher is the furthest I can progress on the teaching path. But now with this new role, I will be learning to support the professional growth and development of teachers, especially that of beginning teachers and fresh graduates."
5. Teachers who showed strength and interest in researching, assessing and designing curricula, teaching materials, and educational programmes can also excel on the curriculum path. Ms Kou Ye, 44, is one teacher who progressed from a Chinese Teacher in 2001 to a Curriculum Officer after 11 years in the profession. As a people developer organisation who believes in investing in employees' development and upgrading, NTUC First Campus sponsored Ms Kou Ye for her Diploma in Pre-school Teaching and Chinese Bachelor Degree.
6. Since 2008, NTUC First Campus has been investing steadily in staff development and upgrading, with sponsorship and scholarship amounting to close to more than $1.5 million from 2008 to June this year.

Staff Engagement Survey Findings Affirms NTUC First Campus as an Employer of Choice

7. NTUC First Campus, the industry's leading pre-school operator, conducted an employee survey[1] in early March this year and saw responses from over 90% of the staff. Key findings ranked NTUC First Campus favorably as an employer of choice, particularly in the areas of pay and rewards, and career development.
8. In the area of pay and reward, the favourable score received by NTUC First Campus was 20 percentage points higher than Singapore National Norm[2]; and when it comes to career development, NTUC First Campus's favourable score was 10 percentage points higher than the Singapore National Norm too.
9. Mr Chan Tee Seng, Chief Executive Officer, NTUC First Campus said, "This year's survey results gave a clear indication that our initiatives in raising the pay and benefits for our early childhood professionals last year were well-received. And this year, our focus is on helping our staff to live their aspirations by realising their potential in areas that they have the greatest strength and interest, hence the birth of the Career Theme Park Framework." He added, "We're very encouraged to learn from our staff that we're on the right track, and will continue to make early childhood a profession a career of choice and NTUC First Campus an employer of choice."
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