Our Vision, Mission, Goals and Values

Our Vision

To be a thought and practice leader in the development and care of young children, partnering working families in every Singapore neighbourhood.

Our Mission

We partner families to fulfil the promise of each child, by enabling every child to have a good start in life. We give working families peace of mind, by making quality child development and care services accessible.

Our Goals


We inspire families with the joy of learning to help nurture and fulfil the promise of each child.

We do this by:

  • Building strong relationships between teacher, parent and child
  • Engaging families in the education of their children
  • Preparing each child to achieve their best in school
  • Developing confident and happy children who are ready for life


We inspire early childhood professionals to excel in practice and achieve their best for each child.

We do this by:

  • Setting the highest standards for the development of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) practitioners
  • Teaching, mentoring and coaching ECCE practitioners
  • Learning, developing and encouraging best practices in ECCE
  • Supporting continuous learning among ECCE practitioners
Our Values

Our core values, INSPIRE, form the foundation of how we perform work and conduct ourselves at NTUC First Campus. These values remain constant and guide us through changing environments. It underlies our work by defining how we interact with one another, and what we do to realise our vision.



We build trust and credibility through honest communication, delivering what we promised, and having the courage to stand up to say and do the right thing.



We believe in fostering the long-term learning and development of ourselves and others, and in building and being a part of a learning and sharing culture.



We deliver quality service with sincerity by understanding the needs and finding the best solutions for children, families, community and stakeholders.



We have a strong belief and sense of commitment to the profession and the organisation’s mission and vision, and are dedicated to make a difference to children, families, community and stakeholders.



We strive for continuous improvement to do things better with an open mindset, habit of learning, and pursuance of new ideas and practices.



We build and maintain trusting and positive relationships with children, families, community and stakeholders by understanding their needs and aspirations.



We set high standards and challenge ourselves to deliver quality results that exceed expectations in a sustainable manner.