Bright Horizons Fund

A Common Starting Point

Providing equal opportunity education with the Bright Horizons Fund.

Our mission with the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) is to enable young children from underprivileged families to have an equal start in life.

Without financial assistance, families that cannot afford childcare fees either withdraw their children from childcare centres, send them to short-hour pre-school programmes, or simply keep them at home.

Lacking proper awareness of the positive impact pre-school education has on children in their formative years, some parents of low income families prioritise work and personal finances over their children’s education. These options not only compromise children’s education and early development,parents miss out on valuable employment opportunities to help them out of the vicious poverty cycle. These are the families that need assistance, with their children benefitting the most from a quality pre-school education aimed at giving these young ones an equal opportunity in life.

The Bright Horizons Fund was started by NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited in 2008 with the primary objective of helping children from low-income families get access to quality pre-school education provided by My First Skool, despite family circumstances. On 15 March 2009, BHF was further approved as an Institute of Public Charter (IPC).

The major donors of BHF include the NTUC-U Care Fund as well as NTUC’s group of social enterprises and affiliates. Interested organisations and individuals can donate to BHF by completing the donation form and emailing it to us at

  • Assistance amount varies according to gross household income or per capita income
  • Minimum co-payment of 2% of net fee
  • An additional top-up of $20 for Union Members
Qualification Criteria
  1. Families with a gross monthly household income of $3,500 and below, or $875 per capita (applicable for families with five or more members). Applications that exceed the income criteria will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Applications for childcare subsidies offered by the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA), if applicable, must first be made prior to the consideration of BHF.
  3. BHF is only applicable to students enrolled in the infant care, childcare and student care centres under My First Skool.

For more information, please approach our Principals at My First Skool.